Luca Brasi

The Cascade Blues by Luca Brasi


There must be something in the water here in the South Pacific. Punk bands have been hitting hard, and Luca Brasi, a four piece Tassie punk outfit, is no exception. Much like their Godfather counterpart, Luca Brasi packs a punch with their mix of thrashing cymbal crashes and booming drum kicks paired with solid guitar lines.


A rolling guitar riff and deep drum kicks start off the Cascade Blues.  The backing vocal lines echoing in the background of the chorus add further dynamic to the catchy melody Luca Brasi chant.  The drum beat steps into gear half way through the track, showcasing true punk form as the guitar thickens and Richardson’s vocals drive the track louder and louder.  The mix of beautifully melodic vocal lines and punk rock riffs makes the Cascade Blues an anthem worth howling.

Sounds like:

A track that needed to be on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, think Unwritten Law with shards of Bad Religion.

Watch out for:

If you’re wanting to see these boys in action, you might need to wait for their next tour; all shows have sold out.  Keep an eye out for their new album: If This is All We’re Going to Be will hit shelves on 29th April.

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