Take You by NYXEN


NYXEN is a Sydney based babe/producer who is quickly making a name for herself after being featured on Triple J unearthed. She creates chilled out electric tracks with purely her own instrumental sounds and vocals.


Take You is her freshest, and in my humble opinion, her best track so far. The song is eclectic and ambient, sending out chilled, summery vibes. The song is divinely smooth, and you can’t help but sway along to it, imagining hanging by the pool with your closest friends on a hot day. Take You feeds your soul and doesn’t try to be anything more than it is: a tropical house style track that just works.

Sounds like:

If Flume, Tycho, and Flight Facilities had a baby: a beautiful electronic lovechild!

Watch out for:

Her Debut EP You, which will be released March 9th through Unknown Records. To stay up to date with all the groovy things she has in store for us, you can check out her Facebook here. and her Soundcloud here. 

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