My Jumper by Joe Mungovan


It’s not often that a tragic accident leads to a wonderful thing. When 13-year-old Joe Mungovan, who had always dreamed of being a drummer, crashed his skateboard and ended up in a wheelchair for four months, he was forced – or destined – to pick up a guitar and see what he could do. Since then Joe’s been a regular in the touring circuit all around Australia, often just rocking up in a trusty van. He’s also managed a debut EP and this lovely new single.


My Jumper is a perfect amalgamation of Joe’s talents. It’s passionate, aching, torturously delicious in the vocals. It’s also driving, catchy, cleverly constituted. It’s sensitive. It’s real. The pounding drum rhythms and twinkling guitars are simple enough to highlight the beautiful lyrics and effortless vocal ebbs and flows. Also, I can safely say from experience that seeing Joe perform this song in action is jaw-dropping. His whole body reverberates with passionate musicality.

Sounds like: 

Feist dated a Matt Corby/Josh Pyke hybrid.

Watch out for: 

A new EP to be released in the very, very near future, and a promo tour from April.

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