Big Bad Echo

It Takes a Big Dog to Weigh a Tonne – Big Bad Echo’s debut EP


Brisbane band Big Bad Echo are a 5-piece rock outfit who have been strutting through the underground scene releasing the odd single here and there.  I saw them open for Holy Holy last year and they blew my mind.  Featured on Triple J’s Unearthed, Big Bad Echo’s latest single Icebreaker has found love across Australia leading up to their debut EP, It Takes a Big Dog to Weigh a Tonne.


The EP showcases the fierce and brutal tone offered by Big Bad Echo.  Starting with Cannon Fire, vocalist Mick Reddy begins his deep post-punk groans against the backdrop of a solid guitar line.  The bass-line rolls in with a driving drum beat, building the song into a fierce frenzy.  When the piercing echo of the saxophone wades to the forefront, Big Bad Echo have me hooked. Punchable Face is a personal favourite with its upbeat rhythms, strong guitar riffs and passionate vocals. Both Ice Breaker and Two Crows Flying continue the dark yet energetic tone set from the earlier tracks.  Blink Your Eyes finishes the EP off strong, an almost aura of young Nick Cave looming in the background.  Though the EP has its darker elements, Big Bad Echo walks the fine line between darkness and beauty: a true accomplishment.

Sounds like:

If Joy Division and Interpol got together and produced Modest Mouse.  And I mean early Modest Mouse.

Watch out for:

Big Bad Echo’s EP is now available on their Soundcloud and on iTunes to purchase.  Keep a lookout for any show these guys are at, definitely worth experiencing live too.

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