Detroit Rock Ciggies by the Bennies


Claiming parties, pingaz and ska music as influences, the four piece Melbourne band can morph their genre-changing sound like a John Carpenter monster.  Though most hear punk rock, the Bennies use reggae, ska and the hellish riffs of Dead Kennedys to create fun, fast punk.


Much like Kiss’ Detroit Rock City, the Bennies begin their single Detroit Rock Ciggies with a true stadium rock riff, the deep driving bass line thumping in the background.  The track soon moves from rock to ska as the Jamaican-fused riffs come to the forefront.  Much like all their tracks, the Bennies entertain with memorable lyrics but it’s the energetic riffs and vocals that keep me engaged.  I can only imagine the circle pits and stage dives when Detroit Rock Ciggies is played live.

Sounds like:

A stadium rock show with Kiss and NOFX, pyrotechnics included.

Watch out for:

The Bennies start their Australian tour next week before jetting off to Europe.  Catch them in your city and keep a look out for their next album Wisdom Machine out on the 25th of March.

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