Brisbane’s Must Sees April

Our Must See’s lists are back! Get excited because there great music in Brisbane this April and with 2016 going so quickly, a little musical pick me up may be just what you need.

Twin Haus: Nothing Lavish National Tour @ Woolly Mammoth, 1st April

Twin Haus have been making a name for themselves particularly in the past year, so it’s no surprise that they would be embarking on an epic national tour in 2016. This event is on the 1st so get in quick if you want to make it to this one! Check out the event page here to buy tickets and find out more. Price: $10

BISTROTHEQUE Launch Party @ The Flying Cock Bistro, 1st April

Ever wanted to see what would happen if you threw together members of seemingly random bands? This is the event for you. The Bistrotheque launch party features two made up groups, CHIXXX = The Cairos and Last Dinosaurs, GLEBES = The Jensens and their drunk friends.  This is going to be an incrediblely unique event! Check out the facebook page here for more info. Price: FREE + FREE POOL

Brisbane Music Publishing, Licensing & Sync Hook up @ Battery Station, 4th April

Ok, so this isn’t a gig but an event, and a helpful event for anyone interesting in networking or forging a career in the music industry. The event features talks from managers, composers and other members of the industry.  It also allows for new collaborations and general networking among similar people. If you’re interested you can check out the event page here. Price: $5

Brisbane Folk Club @ The Foundry, 6th April

We love the Brisbane Folk club! Making its debut last year the club has quickly gained traction, it’s become one of the coolest re-occurring events in Brisbane. This month features Christopher Coleman, Sian Evans and Steve Tyssen. To find out more check out our news post here, and the event page here. Price: $30

Farrier Unplugged: April Showcase @ Farrier Bar, 7th April

Farrier Unplugged is another re-occurring event that we love to support. April’s showcase is going to be something a little different… an all female event! Boys are welcome of course but the showcase will be in celebration of fab female artists. The lovely ladies you can expect are Kate Heart, SASKIA, Lou Parker and Alamein Duo. To find out set times and to answer any questions you might have you can check out the event page here. Price: FREE

Loaded and I Oh You Party @ The Foundry, 8th April

It looks like April is the month for musical parties, and this one is going to be awesome. With international act Day Waves as well as Rolls Bayce, Blonde Tongues as well as, DJ sets from The Creases, The Good Sports and Max Chillen, this event has something for everyone. Check out the Facebook page here for more information. Price: $10-$15

Montaigne ‘In the Dark’ Tour @ The Foundry, 9th April

Montaigne is really starting to make her mark on the Australian music scene and her ‘In the Dark’ tour will only make you love her more. The tour kicks off in celebration of her newest single ‘In the Dark’ and features special guests ADKOB and Hannah Makk (aka MKO Sun). Montaigne is one to watch in 2016. For more information check out the event page here, and our review of her performance at Black Bear Lodge last year here. Price: $17.85

The Blurst of Times Festival @ Fortitude Valley, 16th April

“It was the best of times, it was the Blurst of times”… that quote is already enough to make us want to attend this event. With 24 Acts spanning over 3 of our favourite venues this event is one you cannot afford to miss! Check out our news post here for a full line-up and the Facebook page here for more information. See you there! Price: $56.10

Tin Can Radio ‘Mosaic’ EP Launch @ The Brightside, 21st April

Tin Can Radio are debuting their new EP ‘Mosaic’ but they will not be alone. This event also features a bunch of other artists, making it even harder to resist. Names include; Big Bad Echo, Dinosaur Dreams and Death Tourism. Honestly, you have no excuse for not attending the event. Check out the event page here to find out more. Price: $5

Brisbabes #3 @ The Foundry, 22nd April

Another babe-filled night awaits with the third instalment of Brisbabes. This round is even bigger and better than the last featuring Romy, Cheers G’Day, Inigo, Post-Dusk and Deena. You should be no stranger to this event by now but check out the Facebook event here or out news post here for more info. Price: $12.75

Control & Savvy Creative’s Dark Party @ The Foundry, 28th April

Another event filled with incredible acts, but with a creative twist! This party features artists a little different to the ones we always feature and also has an art installation by Emika Kazama. Artists include; DEAFCULT, Buzz Kull, Wolver, Max Chillen + the Kerbside Collective and Control DJ’s. To find out more about the event check out the Facebook event here. Price: $10

AAA Backstage’s 5th Birthday Party @ The Foundry, 29th April

With the launch of their new website AAA Backstage is ready to party, and boy are they putting on a show. The event will play host to a plethora of awesome bands with a huge act being announced just a week before the party begins. Names include; The Jensens, Ayla, Sahara Beck, Lastlings, Machine Age and many others. For the full line-up and to buy tickets check out the event page here. Price: $25

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