Bomber by Fortunes


Melbourne-based duo Fortunes have already done pretty well for themselves with two EPs and some well-loved singles floating about. They’ve also supported some big names like Shlomo and Vallis Alps, while never leaving behind their uniquely hand-crafted sound, which is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Plus, getting a single, hand-picked by Triple J’s Unearthed charts, is not bad either.


The smoothest RnB you’ve heard in a loooong time. Glitchy and ever so slightly filthy, the double tracking and slick harmonies make Bomber effortlessly cool. With Americana style production, the track is beautifully put together to craft something new out of a well-worn genre. A trap beat and that gorgeous tonality sets Bomber apart from its predecessors.

Sounds like:

Nao meets Frank Ocean, plus something deliciously new.

Watch out for:

Jacket, Fortunes‘ new EP, featuring singles Bomber and Justin Beiber, is less than a month old and needing to be heard. Grab a hold of it on Soundcloud or their website.

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