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A night with The Jensens

Just around the time their debut EP dropped, we hung out with the boys from rock and roll band The Jensens. Drinking beer and listening to The Kinks on their balcony, we settled in and chatted about touring, Pokemon, The Beatles and Chine Time.

Bridie: Talk us through the EP.

Nathan: Everybody Talks is a rock and roll EP. It’s everything we’ve released so far with two extra tracks. It’s our first statement as a band. It’s a long time coming.

Joe: [laughing] Pokemon has got to be the biggest influence on the EP. After Mountain Goat Valley Crawl we watched 24 episodes of Pokemon. We watched like 18 at Bedlam Studios and then came back here and kept watching.


Bridie: What do you guys do when you’re together? 

Joe: We listen to albums a lot. If something new comes out, we sit and listen to it for about three days. The last one we listened to was Life of Pablo. We all agreed that it was a piece of shit.

Nathan: We planted some pumpkin seeds the other day. Well, we kind of just launched them off the patio and put like a kilo of fertiliser over everything and hoped for the best.

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Bridie: Is it easy to rehearse when you all live together?

Bodi: We can’t rehearse here because it’s a bit too loud – we haven’t soundproofed the house yet. We have a jam space in the middle of the house that we use, but we can’t use it for a complete practice.

Nathan: We rehearse at a warehouse in Woolloongabba for about two or three nights a week. Rehearsing is really important because it keeps us writing new material. If we stop rehearsing we stop doing that.

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Joe: One time we got super wasted at a Jungle Giants video clip and everybody else was sober. I was trying to come up with a name for our next EP and I was like ‘Transjensen, that’s what it’s called!’”

Bridie: So who do you think is most likely to get a sex change?

Joe: Most likely Jordan. At the Deadlam Halloween gig he was dressed as The Joker in a nurse costume, so he’ll probably be the first. Though it could be anyone at any moment, I don’t even know myself.

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Bridie: If one of you had to be the manager, who would it be?

Nathan: Without our manager Richie we would all probably just lay down and die. [Someone starts singing ‘Lay Down & Die’ by Baskervillain].

Philip: I’d give it to you Nathan.

Nathan: I’d take it and then go to my room and cry. Then I’d give it to you.

Joe: Then we’d all just cry and fizzle out.


Bridie: Where’s your favourite place to drink in Brisbane?

Joe: Right here on this deck. Honestly right here.

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Bridie: Who runs your Instagram? 

Bodi: Philip’s the social butterfly, he handles it.

Philip: It’s mostly just Star Wars and Harry Potter references. I scroll through the internet thinking, “what would 16-year-old me like?”  Essentially, its what 22-year-old me likes.

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Bridie: You guys like the Beatles yeah? 

Nathan: The Beatles are a huge influence. We’ve spent at least the last five years devoting ourselves to the Beatles. Probably two straight years of actual time. At least an album a day.

Bridie: Did you always want to be a rock and roll band? 

Joe: Yes. We have heaps of other influences but rock and roll is just the most fun. Especially the most fun to play live.

The Jensens

Bridie: Where do you guys stay when you’re on tour?

Joe: Mostly AirBnb’s. One time on tour we stayed at this AirBnb straight out of a Frankie magazine. There was a cheeseburger that was perfectly wrapped on this table as a part of the interior decoration. There was also a bowl of tiny origami cranes. There was also this cool chalk board that we absolutely defaced.

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Bridie: What’s fun about touring?

Bodi: The whole thing. Travelling, being crammed in an undersized vehicle with all the guys and all the equipment. It sounds terrible but it’s actually the funnest thing.

Philip: You get to see your friends in different states and go to places and play on stages you’ve never been before.

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Bridie: What’s your favourite song to drop at a DJ set? 

Nathan: Snakeskin by Deer Hunter goes down so well.

Joe: We actually play a lot of Kanye West. Basically anything of his that isn’t The Life of Pablo.

Nathan:  There aren’t a lot of expectations at the places we DJ. Nobody’s thinking “oh god this DJ sucks, they’re thinking, “wow I’m so drunk, I love Bowie.”

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Bridie: What’s Chine Time? [Pronounced: Chai-ne].

Nathan: It’s our universal word for everything.

Joe: If we’re going out we’re like, “lets get chined!” Or if we’re fucked we’re like “oh man I’m so chined right now.”

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Bridie: You were pretty busy last year, how did you take it?

Bodi: We ended up playing 18 shows in six weeks. It was the funnest time, but were all pretty stuffed when it came to an end.

Nathan: There was heaps of motivation in that time though, we all just wanted to keep playing and keep the shows going.

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See The Jensens play at their EP launch on the 26th March at The Foundry.

Photography: Isaac Sharp

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