FOMO Festival @ Riverstage, 9th Jan

Lets face it, Australia’s current music festival reputation isn’t as shiny as it used to be. With modern crowds expecting more entertainment for less, festival promoters can be left out of pocket, (eg, Big Day Out, Soundwave, Parklife). With this in mind, BBE, OCD and triple j got together to make a festival that offers less but focuses on the most important part of a music festival, the music. FOMO, (Fear of Missing Out) is a one day music event at the iconic natural amphitheatre of Riverstage offering some of the best local and international electronic music.

The festival kicks off at 11.30am and I am currently sitting on the hill getting burnt to smithereens by the 30 degree sun. From the looks of things, FOMO is a lot like a mini Stereo. The atmosphere is thick and sweaty, clothing is minimal, and the crowd are fairly uh… drugged up. UV Boi starts off the festival with a smooth, energy filled set that gets a few audience members kicking it to the front of the stage. Benson picks up where UV Boi left off, offering rich party vibes that intensify as his set wears on. As the crowd flocks through the gates, Anna Lunoe jumps onto the throne and brings out the girl power big time through a massive array of stomping tunes. The intermission between each act is so quick, there isn’t much time for rest. I start to feel a bit queasy so I walk to the top of the hill as Adelaide rapper Tkay Maidza takes to the stage. Through cool sips of water, I watch the infectiously energetic twenty-year old shake the stage down with tunes such as Switch Lanes, Handle My Ego and Brontosaurus. Half way through, I start to feel disinterested as the set becomes slightly repetitive and she begins to rely heavily on her backing music.

In the dying sunlight I have some delicious nachos and take in the calming yet futuristic sounds of Jamie XX. After hours of dancing to the incredibly rhythmic sounds of Skepta and Boys Noize, it’s a nice change to lay back and take in the music. Showcasing his grammy nominated album In Colour, the disco filled set encompasses a large array of sounds and samples, my personal favourite being the xx’s remix of Florence + The Machine’s ‘You Got The Love’. Finishing off with Loud Places, Jamie XX brings a sophisticated yet emotive feel to the evening.

As night falls, Flight Facilities take to the stage with Touch Sensitive on guitar and Owl Eyes on vocals. From their makeshift cockpit, they create some mesmerising sounds which are aided by Owl Eyes’s soothing auto-tuned vocals. There’s a refined energy to the set, cultivating thick, electronic sounds with fragile, whimsical vocals. Crave You, Two Bodies and Clair de lune are stand outs.

The crowd is at capacity now and we’re all waiting for American producer RL Grime. With a unique blend of R&B, pop, soul and electronica, RL Grime is one of the biggest names in electronic music right now. Showcasing his stunning remixes of Tove Lo’s Habits, Drake & Future’s Jumpman, and What So Not’s Tell Me, the crowd is almost frothing at the mouth with enjoyment. As balls of fire shoot up from the stage, RL Grimes energy is unmatched. When Core is played, a guy tries to dance on the sound mix tent and is chased by police, which really exemplifies the amount of chaos that RL Grime is feeding us. Bringing the festival to a close with a blast of confetti and The Weeknd’s The Hills, it’s a perfect end to a perfect festival.

Walking to the train station with ringing ears and possible third degree, sun inflicted burns, I am feeling pretty wrecked. I possibly spent too much money on frozen FOMO cocktails and somewhere in the chaos of it all I’ve lost my go-card. But hey, at least I didn’t miss out.

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