Press Start to Continue: video game music party

Are you ready for this? The Motor Room in West End is bringing something totally different to the music scene. Press Start to Continue is a video game music party that caters exclusively to the niche of music and video game lovers.

The event will take place on the 27th November and is totally free, with music starting at 7pm. The night will be filled with only the best live video game music. Songs from the games you know and love will be transformed into dramatic party floor-fillers to become the ultimate party for gaming fans.

There will be two bands playing on the night. The Consouls are opening with jazz versions of gaming songs, followed by BOSS FIGHT whose quirky game/party music sets it apart from anything I have heard before.

This crazy niche genre is sure to open you up to something completely different, so if you didn’t make it to comic-con then Press Start to Continue is the event for you. For more information check out the event on Facebook here. 

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