RUFUS @ the Tivoli, 16th October

It’s Saturday night and I’m a little giddy. I scored a ticket to RUFUS’ sold out show at the Tivoli and I plan on dancing my ass off.  I rock up a little later to avoid the line of guys twice my size in their stringlets and the young’uns who thought pre-drinking at 6 was a good idea.  To my luck, I walk straight in, grab a freshly poured Coopers and settle in with the crowd.

The opening act is Yuma X, a male/female combo who take the stage and start laying down some chilled electronic beats.  The crowd react almost instantly as their hips drop and twist left and right.  The female vocalist has a dry croon to her voice, almost like a lady Chet Faker.  While their set is much of the same, some chilled beats and soulful vocals which mesmerise the crowd for half an hour, Yuma X certainly set the mood for the night.

The Tivoli is packed now; people are cramming into all spaces on the dancefloor.  Next to the stage is Cassian, a Sydney-based DJ.  The crowd goes wild as he stands behind his decks, while lights from the stage pan across the room before flickering into a strobe.  Cassian mixes tracks for the better part of 40 minutes, all with a familiar beat.  The crowd goes crazy when he plays The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face over another track and alters the beat.  To be honest, I could be in any club in the Valley right now but I dance nonetheless.

As Cassian walks off the stage, I can barely move.  I’m pushed up against the back of some dude and I have no luck of moving any closer to the stage.  I’m getting more pats on the back than an evictee of the Bachelorette as boyfriends push past to make room for their smaller partners.

RUFUS walk on stage against a backdrop of blinding lights.  Each member takes their spot and begins a medley of their tracks.  I hear different hooks from various songs which ultimately leads into the opener, Sundream.  It’s one of my favourite tracks of their album and every other person in the Tivoli is clearly in agreements as screams rock the walls and people chant the lyrics louder than the band.  As soon as the memorable key melody finishes, the beat drops and the dancefloor erupts with a contagious dance; you can’t help but move.

The set moves into Rendezvous, the deep house beats bouncing between the rafters.  RUFUS treat us to some new material that continuous to serve as great dance music.  Desert Night is better live as RUFUS demonstrate their instrumentation.  The Tivoli is full of humid air now but the infectious dancing continues.  RUFUS move to You Were Right, one of my favourite tracks of the year, but outdo themselves when they transition straight to Take Me.  People are thrown on shoulders and jump up and down to some of their favourite tracks.

RUFUS finish the night with their latest single, Like an Animal, and Tonight.  It’s a helluva show they put on, and nearly everyone is soaked in sweat as they leave.

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