Tkay Maidza @ Oh Hello, 25 September

If you know anything about us here you will know that we never say no to seeing the queen that is Tkay Maidza, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to see her live for myself tonight. I am surrounded by a crowd of 18-year-olds as I line up in the cold outside Oh Hello at 8:30 on a Friday night. As we enter, I notice that the usually cramped space is almost empty and feel a pang of regret for showing up so early.

My mind is changed, however, when I see two angels decked out in Adidas emerge from the smoke. Porches are a sight to see, as I honestly never expected such an ethereal performance. They expertly set the tone for the night and I have high expectations for the acts to come. Unfortunately I’m let down by the next performer; Tyler Touche seems kind of a cliché filler act, unfulfilling after the spectacular Porches.

As I sit and drink I notice I’m starting to lose track of time. It isn’t until Willow Beats comes on that the stage again has my undivided attention. Willow Beats is electronic and mysterious, similar to Banks in her powerful voice and the overall vibe. Her obvious passion for music shines through in her stage presence, as well as a sense of profound spirituality.

L.K McKay is a typical club sound. It doesn’t really go with the previous act but the audience is eating it up regardless. Wannabe and Soldier Boy are two songs that really get the crowd on its feet as Oh Hello begins to feel like it does on a typical Saturday night.

I look around me after L.K McKay is finishing, and realise the entire venue is full. The crowd is very obviously excited, anticipation and alcohol levels running high. It’s not long until ‘Tkay’ is being chanted over and over that she finally makes her way on stage.

Tkay Maidza oozes with confidence and performs as though she has been headlining festivals for years. Smoke surrounds her as she sweats and laughs, jumping around excitedly: doing what she does best. Brontosaurus is one of the first songs, making it easy for fans to sing and dance along. Her energy stays high throughout and I am impressed that she’s able to keep it up. M.O.B is the perfect finale to her (quite short) set and by the time she is finished the venue is buzzing.

I watch as the crowd spill onto the streets. After such an energetic night, nobody is ready to go home and the audience makes its way towards the clubs, ready to continue partying.

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