Q&A with Ben Bograil from Skeggs

After winning this year’s triple j Unearthed Splendour In The Grass competition and signing to Ratbag Records, Byron bay trio Skeggs are now set to unleash their sounds at this year’s BigSound! We had a quick chat to Ben Bograil about all things fun and what’s in store for the future.

Cam: You did a tour of America and Canada earlier this year. Did you notice a difference in the crowds over there compared to the Australian crowds? 

Ben: Nah, not really. It’s pretty much the same as Australia. Some shows were busier than others and generally the drunker the crowd the crazier they were, which makes it way more fun! We were just surprised at how many people knew our band over there.

Cam: Where does your inspiration for writing songs come from?

Ben: I get inspiration from all the music that I listen to. When I write a song it’s all of those songs moulded into one. But definitely when there’s a particular song I like, it gives me motive to go and produce something that brings the same vibe. I like to watch my favourite bands live shows on YouTube and get inspiration from that, then I go write a song.

I get inspiration from all the music that I listen to. When I write a song it’s all of those songs moulded into one.

Cam: What can we expect from your upcoming tour in September?

Ben: I dunno, some fun times! I would say some new songs but we haven’t even dropped the EP yet.

Cam: Who’s your favourite band/artist to see live?

Ben: Dune Rats and Drunk Mums are always fun live. But the best up-and-coming band at the moment – which I can’t wait to see at Sounds of the Suburbs Festival in Cronulla – is WOD from Melbourne. They put on a killer show, super entertaining even if you don’t know the songs. WOD himself is a unit.

Cam: How does it feel being signed to Ratbag Records?

Ben: Yeah epic! It’s pretty sick being the first band on it. We’re a bit of a squad now and got some cool shit coming up to look forward too. So we’re psyched to be signed to Ratbag Records.

Cam: What’s your pre-show/festival routine?

Ben: To get psyched to Waka Flocka Flame.

Cam: Who can sink the most piss in the band?

Ben: Definitely Jonny. The dude is a piss tank. He loves drinking beer more than anyone I know. He probably has a Coopers in his hand right now. He could have sunk 10 beers before you saw him and you wouldn’t even know he was drunk. He can hold it together pretty good, unless he’s drunk them really quickly then it’s more than obvious.

Cam: Hey, why did Toby get arrested at Splendour?

Ben: For being drunk and disorderly…

Cam: Was it fun recording in America earlier this year?

Ben: Yeah, it was fun as! The studio was as legit as it gets and the dudes at Converse Studios are legends and make it fun as. They have the fridge stocked with beers, bowls of fruit, muesli bars and ice hockey on a big projector screen, all the shit you could want really in one place.

Cam: What’s next for Skegss?

Ben: After our tour in September/October we’re dropping our debut EP, 50 Push-ups For A Dollar, then we will probably tour the fuck out of it.

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