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An Interview with Innez Tulloch from DEAFCULT

Forming from the ashes of groups such as The Larch, Roku Music and The Gifthorse, DEAFCULT are a veritable force to be reckoned with. Despite forming in January of 2015 the band have already left an impressive mark on the Brisbane music scene, including winning a slot on the prestigious BIGSOUND showcase as part of Triple J Unearthed. I had a few questions for the groups guitarist Innez Tulloch, and she responded in kind.

Patrick: How did you guys initially meet up together?

Innez: I think everyone in the band has either played in bands together previously or shared line ups or knew each other from hanging out at via studios or something like that, Brisbane is only so big you know? Stevie had an idea for the project and we all just arranged a time to meet up and try out the songs and it went from there.

Patrick: You guys played in several local bands before forming DEAFCULT, do you feel that this gave you a certain experience compared to other bands you know of?

Innez: I don’t know how other bands work but we’ve all played in bands for a really long time. It kind of teaches you different things. Like the experience of releasing records or booking tours or playing shows, even rehearsals. Having the knowledge of how not to do things is pretty ace.

Patrick: It’s been a few months since your debut came out. Have you found that it’s brought you guys any significant attention from labels or promoters?

Innez: Yeah, it’s been really positive actually. We’ve landed on some awesome shows and have a few things in the pipeline for physical releases. Considering we just recorded after a few months and put it on the internet with no real plan, it’s done amazingly well. We’re really stoked to have people listening to it and enjoying it.

Patrick: Your album ‘DEAFCULT’ totally sounds like it could’ve come out of the early 90s what with the wall of distortion and dreamy, melancholic vocals. Would you say any particular bands from that era influenced you?

Innez: Yeah there’s definitely the usual suspects in there like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. But there’s also the whole Phil Spector ‘Wall of Sound’ groups like The Ronettes and the Shangri-Las. It’s a pretty vast range of influences you know, like from the Byrds to The Vaselines to The Ramones. You can’t just stick to one decade man.

Patrick: On a similar note, what are some of your favourite albums, just off the top of your head?

Innez: Neil Young – On The Beach, Broadcast – Tender Buttons, Peaking Lights – 936, My Bloody Valentine – Glider EPs and Devo – Q:Are We Not Men? A:We are Devo!

Patrick: You guys were recently picked by Triple J Unearthed to play the BIGSOUND showcase. What was your reaction upon finding that out?

Innez: It was wildly unexpected. None of us have really been involved in the event before so we’re looking forward to checking it out. I am particularly excited for the Bloody Mary’s.

Patrick: Any advice for aspiring local bands or young artists?

Innez: Just get out and do it. Book your own shows, record/release your own records, make your own scene, volunteer at 4ZZZ, get a show, write a zine. It might seem big at the start but really it’s not hard. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. And make sure you go to shows and make an effort. Nice people are way cooler than cool people.

Patrick: Finally, if you had to curate a playlist for a house party, any essential tracks you’d put on it?

Innez: My fave release at the moment is Wireheads new record Big Issues, out on Tenth Court, so I’d definitely have to put their banger single Good Grief on at least once.

DEAFCULT will be performing as part the BIGSOUND showcase on the Triple J Unearthed Stage at Oh Hello!, Wednesday September 9th. Their debut album is currently available on their Bandcamp page as a free download.

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