Thoughtful new material from Common Deers

Common Deers have been gigging around Brisbane for a couple of years now, playing underground shows at places like the Zoo and Rics, and supporting the likes of British India.  But don’t let their indie support fool you, Common Deers also feature the intricate drum beats of progressive rock and the guitar melodies of alternative rock; think Thrice meets Jimmy Eat World.  After some time in the studio the band have released their first music video for their single, Grey Walls.

The single begins gradually, each instrument introduced individually.  Vocalist Jayden Beale begins to croon, his rich voice  haunting against the backdrop of the film clip.  The drum rhythm stands out immediately, it’s not just a simple snare and hi-hat combo.  The various percussive sounds certainly add depth to what could be a meek rock beat.  Beale’s bluesy solo after the first verse may be early for conventional rock standards, but adds a soft texture immediately.  Common Deers certainly draw from their inspirations in Grey Walls, the chorus heightening the track from the softer melodies to ‘Bleed American’ alt-rock territory.

The film clip reflects the story Beale chants; two people drifting apart and the confrontation that eventually happens.  Though not the happiest of stories, a human story nonetheless and it’s when the lyrics lineup with the character’s conversation that the video really packs some feels.

This is just a taste of what Common Deers have to offer.  Their intricate blend of genres and thoughtful composition make them stand out amongst many bands in Brisbane.  If you see them around make sure you check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.


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