Society of Sound exclusive premiere: The Mouldy Lovers’ Six Foot Fences film clip

If you know a thing or two about the music Brisbane spits out across its many suburbs then you’d know that West End is the home to local legends The Mouldy Lovers.  The seven piece, ska-infused, genre-moulding menagerie of musicians have spent the past four years gigging around Australia playing some of the best shows you’ll find.  Prone to a good Mouldy show or two, or three, I’m happy to see their latest film clip for the hard hitting single, Six Foot Fences, an exclusive to Society of Sound.

Fresh off their 2015 album Mondegreen, Six Foot Fences is just as good blaring from your earphones as it is pumping from the amps of their live show.  From the opening accordion melody to the horn breakdown and the rebellious lyrics, Six Foot Fences captures the essence of The Mouldy Lovers: an anarchist ska concoction.

The film clip reflects their shows, bringing the fun and energy onto the screen.  It’s a raw, do-it-yourself music video, but you wouldn’t want anything more from the Lovers.  As I watch the band hop and jump about with their instruments I instantly want to do the same, maybe just with less paint thrown around.

The Mouldy Lovers will always hold a special place in my heart.  Each time I see them live or listen to their album all my worries fade away.  My soul becomes infused with the blast of the trumpet or the sexy sax solos.  This film clip does the same.

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