Hermitude @ The Met, 27th June

It’s an hour before Hermitude are set to play and the band’s Facebook page is still being inundated with requests for ticket sales. The offers are incredibly lucrative: “$150”, “$100 and 2x tickets to Golden Features”, $100 and a *lewd sexual act*. The mess scrambling through the front doors of The Met closely resembles three separate lines: Over 18s, Under 18s and Guardians. It’s clear that no-one is missing out on this show.

Inside is chaos. Security tries frantically to keep the under 18s from the alcohol and the alcohol away from the under 18s, everyone else lines the side of the bar slamming down drinks before heading down to the “dry zone” in time to see the Blue Mountain wizards begin. The opening hum of the speakers melt with the audio-visual set up onstage, before recognisable chords twist into crowd pleaser The Buzz. The Met is a rabbit warren in all ways at this point, with people bounding up and down staircases and contorting themselves through the smallest gaps in the crowd to catch a glance.

Not too far into the show, the pair drop the live mix/sing-along of In The Jungle/Awimbawe into HyperParadise, which in turn works its way into a flip of Odezsa’s Say My Name. It doesn’t take too long before the crowd spills out into the dance cages suspended besides the second story, much to security’s woes. The set list features a very fair balance of old and new material, with an emphasis on their latest album, Dark Night Sweet Light – it’s like a Hermitude taste-plate for those new to their live shows. The temperature rises increasingly on the floor, and the sold out show, with its insane AVs, feels ever closer to a street party.

The audience laps up classics like The Villain and Speak of the Devil, drawing to the pivotal moment of entertainment, when the boys remove both keyboard and beat pad, attach them to their chests via makeshift straps, and smash out a rockstar moment at the front of stage. The hour-long set (encore and all) is over and done in what feels like minutes. Once again, Hermitude have proven themselves to be masters in their field. A live show by these boys is not something to sleep on, and as the sold out status and ridiculous bartering for tickets would explain, the general public have started to catch on.


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