The Kite String Tangle @ The Triffid, 20th June

The Kite String Tangle has become increasingly popular Australia wide and after the success of his songs in Triple J’s hottest 100 last year; a music career that is continuing to flourish. Selling out shows across the country, music lovers are flocking to see his captivating performances, and after seeing him myself at Groovin’ The Moo in 2014 I am excited to see him in a more intimate environment.

Grateful to escape the cold winter breeze the audience make their way quickly to the stage. The Triffid is dimly lit as ethereal local artist, Joy, performs effortlessly. While she is new to the music scene Joy oozes with nonchalance and finishes up by saying ‘My name’s Joy and I’m a weird human’, before walking off stage barefooted.

A mountainous backdrop is set up onstage and the mood of the venue is quite relaxed. This doesn’t change as Dustin Tebbutt makes his way on stage with a few friends to perform. Tebbutt’s voice is the foundation of his performance and he lulls us in with glorious harmonies and less vocal tracks.  He remains very casual, swapping out his guitar for each song and telling stories to the audience. The only downside to this performance is that Dustin is struggles to get the crowd moving, and has me wishing I could listen from the comfort of a couch.

Inbetween sets I’m stuck with the dilemma of risking my spot to get some much needed water or keep my position secure. I stay where I am and I’m glad I did because as the anticipation builds the crowd start pushing their way to the front. When The Kite String Tangle (AKA Danny Harley) does appear the crowd perk up, clapping and yelling excitedly. He kicks it off with What If, and his unique electronic sound gets the crowd dancing. Harley sticks mostly to his EP Vessel, and it’s clear that the audience know most of the songs by heart. Mid-set he gives a heartfelt thank you and reaches the peak of his performance with Arcadia and Given The Chance.

Excitement lingers in the air as he then welcomes Tebbutt on stage, finishing with their new collaborative single Illuminate, wrapping up the show perfectly. As I leave I notice Harley and Tebbutt remain outside to meet fans and take pictures, a testament to the love and dedication they have for their music.

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