Last Dinosaurs @ The Brightside, 21st June

It’s the sort of night in mid June when an ugly combination of rain, cold temperatures and a bad headache duel to create a super mess of bad vibes. However, Last Dinosaurs are playing tonight for their Evie tour, and this gives me the extra boost of energy to climb out of my bed cocoon and brave the outside world.

The Brightside is dark and warm, I find a small corner to sip some water and take in the beach grudge sounds of the Jensens. While keeping things laid back, the band throw a heap of energy and charisma into their music, which makes the set enjoyable and uplifting. The faultless harmonies between the two male vocalists creates a great emotional pull, and the classic use of  guitar and drums installs a comforting feeling of familiarity.  They play a mixture of new and old songs, however, time gets the better of the Jensens, and they have to cut their set short, which leaves their last song sounding a little high and dry.

Sydney band I Know Leopard are up next, and the mood of the room settles as their first song travels through our ears. The sound is airy and subdued, however there is small presence of pop and rock. Lead singer Luke’s vocals are at times muffled and slightly flat, but when put against the other female band members, the sound is almost angelic.  The instrumentation is punchy and flavoursome, yet at times it drags. They play Perfect Picture last, which showcases a lovely violin riff and some of the bands more energetic side.

Everything gets a little rowdy as we wait for the main act. As the crowd thickens, I start to feel like I’m in the middle of a sea storm (not so good for the ol’ headache). However, when Last Dinosaurs  enter the stage, everything fades away and I am overwhelmed with excitement. A growing cheer circulates the room as the first bars of Weekend are played.

I become aware that about a million things are happening on stage, yet everything is so symmetrical and measured.  The sound builds and expands and resolves to an even flow.  They play old material, such as Zoom, Honolulu and Alps but also quite a few unfamiliar songs that will appear on their new album, which is expected to drop later this year. Evie is played towards the end of the set and boasts the bands flair of disco pop bliss. They finish with Zoom and return for an encore of Andy, which is a nostalgic and enthusiastic end to the night.

Even though it’s freezing and my shoes are damp, I am glad I got the chance to taste some of Last Dinosaurs new music. If you’re lucky enough to have a Splendour in the Grass ticket, pencil these guys onto your schedule, you won’t regret it.

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