Thundamentals @ The Zoo, 16th April

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Aussie hip hop group Thundamentals are in Brisbane tonight as a part of their 2015 Elephant In The Room Tour. Their third studio album So We Can Remember placed three songs in the 2014 Hottest 100, things for the group have never been better.

I arrive at The Zoo to watch support act Baro, a seventeen year old rapper out of Melbourne. He’s been given some good reviews on his unearthed profile so I’m quite keen to check him out. I’m a little disappointed though because not only are his lyrics sexist and unethical, they’re severely limited. One song consists purely of the repeated phrase, ‘Bitch I’ve got my work so don’t worry ’bout my resume’. I sense that he’s trying to bring a Joey Bada$$ vibe to the table, but it’s poorly executed. His supporting music has some good moments like Cinemawith it’s ambient layering and almost jazzy backbeats, however the majority of the sets needs more bass to compliment the vocals. His recorded work isn’t half bad; the dense beats and strong harmonies have great flavour. However, if he wants to appeal to a larger audience, I suggest that he works on his performance technique in live settings. The sound isn’t firm enough to get people moving, and his vocals become overpowering.

MCs Tuka and Jeswon, better known as Thundamentals, bounce onto the stage to deliver some of the most lively, feel good music I’ve come across in ages.  I’m startled by the change in energy and excitement in the audience. Tracks like Quit Your Job, with its snappy lyrics and the brass riffs, and Got Love have the audience hyped up and ready for more. The lighting design is creative and in sync, and the visual components are a nice feature of the performance. My favourite track is Missing You, which highlights how well adjusted the twos MCs are with their harmonies.  They play a variety of new and old, such as We Won’t Mind and Paint It Red. Their version of Matt Corby’s Brother get’s everybody going and their encore of Something I Said is absolutely mint. Everything is so well timed, it’s like watching a prerecorded film clip.

I really enjoy Thundamentals, not only because their performance is so solid and entertaining, but because they’re actually relatable. If tonight is  anything to go by, the rest of their tour will be stellar.

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