Northeast Party House @ The Brightside, 17th April

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Northeast Party House in an intimate venue since losing my shit to their ray-gun funk on the first night of Falls Festival. I’ve also heard very good things about their support for the Double Darts TourFood Courts, and tonight they have all landed in Brisbane’s The Brightside. The venue is filled with a positive and excited crowd whose bodies are propped up on the tops of couches as people move in and around the bar with smiles stitched into their faces.

Food Court hits the stage with an energy the audience seems to absorb and bounce back at them. If I didn’t know what Northeast are like I’d find it difficult to gauge whether I’m watching a support or main act. The laidback garage rockers offer it all up to the frothing basin of people in front of them. Beer is spilt, and although it’s a relatively chilly night in Brissy people are sweating. By the look and sound of things, it won’t be long until Food Court are taking their own show on the road, and I’m sure that will make a lot of punters happy.

It’s not much of a wait before the mess of bar lines turns into a cluster rush to the front of room. People are chatting in feverish whispers and helping one another onto the tops of furniture to see the stage. As the lights dim lead vocalist, Zach Hamilton-Reeves, rushes through the crowd from the back of the venue and up onto stage.

Northeast Party House have obviously built a strong live presence in the Australian music scene, with word of their shows and antics building an almost legendary image in their wake. Nonetheless, the band put on a fulfilling show and live up to the hype. The boys have great chemistry together and generally look like they love performing. The highlights of the set, judging by the crowd, are Pascal Cavalier, Sick Boy and the party chant Youth Allowance. The people that Northeast draws are clearly the ones you want to be spending your time with on a Saturday night. The music is ‘I don’t give a fuck, let’s dance’ good as they finish their set with a cover of 90s hip hop duo Tag Team’s Whoomp!. Check them out when and where you next can, you can thank me later.

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