Architects @ The Hi-Fi, 18th April

Metalheads and circle pit enthusiasts alike gather in West End outside The Hi-Fi in their black skinny jeans and vans; tonight Architects are taking the stage to end their Australia wide tour in a sold out show.  The British band have taken the hardcore scene by force with their fusion of metalcore, death metal and beautifully melodic choruses.  They have become one of the most recognised bands in the genre and are here to rock Brisbane.

Walking into the opening of Being As An Ocean’s set, I can barely move in the already packed Hi-Fi.  The crowd are surprisingly still in the back for such an energetic band onstage.  Lead singer, Joel Quartuccio, bellows into the mic as he rushes from one side of the stage to the next.  Playing some often haunting melodic riffs, Quartuccio’s howls and screams brutally shake the brick walls.  Being As An Ocean set the fierce tone for what is to come.

More and more people somehow file into the venue as Stick to Your Guns start with the deep pounding of double kicks and ear thrusting bass lines.  Mixing hip hop vocal flows with heavy breakdowns, Stick to Your Guns feel like a throwback to early punk days, the guitarist even looks like Ian Mackaye from a distance.  In between songs vocalist, Jesse Barnett, rants about the political issues that influence his music, but I feel like his foreign ideologies fall on deaf ears.  We just want to mosh.

In between sets half the crowd file out to chat and smoke but rush back when the opening melodies of Architects‘s Broken Cross beckon. Arms fly in violent dance as people throw each other into the air to scream along with frontman, Sam Carter.  It’s not long before the air becomes heavy with sweat and Carter’s luscious straight hair becomes soaked with sweat.  Architects flow between each song with the same high production you’d expect from their album.  Delayed effects on the vocals and phaser-like effects on the snare add depth to what could easily be another metalcore band.  The band alternate between old and new songs, the crowd screaming along to all lyrics.  Ending their set with their opening album track seems a bit odd, but Gravedigger is a brutally fierce song, its crashing symbols and rolling double kicks vibrating my body and soul.  Architects have torn down The Hi-Fi tonight, and I’m pretty sure no one has left disappointed.

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