Interview with Northeast Party House’s Mitch Ansell

JM: Hey mate, I’m Jordan Mulvey from Society Of Sound. How are things?

MA: Yeah not too bad thanks. I’m just working on some uni stuff at the moment trying to knock it out of the way.

JM: This Friday you are playing Melbourne in the first gig of the Double Darts tour, got anything special lined up?

MA: I think there’s going to be a pretty sick lighting show. The bigger the gig the more money we spend on the lights. We have this friend Tim who is a sweet buddy of ours and looks after that stuff, the more money we spend the happier he gets. This time he’s hooked us up with some fresh visual toys. It won’t be until this Friday that we actually get to see them though!

JM: You guys have been known to get down and dirty with the costume box before acts, anything in the wings for the DD tour?

MA: Oh! I’m not sure. I actually feel like we are getting a bit tamer on the outfits, back in the day it was all glitter and face paint but now we wear whatever we want, which is nice […] Actually dressing up is probably one of the more fun parts, well fun and stressful.

JM: You’ll be taking Food Court with you as support for the tour, do you know the guys personally or have they just been kind of’ thrust upon you?

MA: Not really, but just through digging their tunes. We thought it’d be cool to have a band we like coming with us on tour. Our booker usually chooses a band that are on a certain level in their career, and it usually works out, but it will definitely be nice to have a band who are doing some sick things and I’m sure we’ll have some fun with.

JM: You have just released a list of after parties for the shows, how do these usually go down?

MA: Yeah, pretty fun actually. It’s nice to, you know, you play a show and it’s like an hour and then it’s done, so it’s good to keep things going. The venue of the Melbourne after party is actually closing down two weeks after we have the party so it will probably be the last time I go there. Unless it becomes something super awesome.

JM: The poster for the tour is really cool, did you have any input on that and who was the artist?

MA: Just a mate from uni he, does these crazy-weird drawings and we really dig him. They have that grimy dirty punk nature to them. It fit in with what we are trying to go for I think. We really like it anyway.

JM: I caught the show at Byron’s Falls Festival and you were all brilliant. You seemed to be enjoying yourselves as much as if not more than the audience.

MA: Well yeah! We definitely have a good time at most shows but Byron was mental. It was probably one of the biggest shows if not the biggest show we’ve played yet. We walked out pretty nervous and then realised how cool it really was.

JM: You did mention in a past interview that Byron was one of your most interesting shows, what is one of the craziest things you’ve witnessed at a gig?

MA: Crazy, I dunno […] I guess we get a couple of fights, which we really don’t like. It’s really interesting that our music creates that atmosphere sometimes, not very hardcore but we get a lot of the big boys sorta’ moshing out. I don’t know if I’ve seen any boobs or anything. I kind of look down so afterwards the boys are kind of like did you see that! I’m looking around like dammit. But! I have a friend who’s always looking down due to terrible posture and he’s always finding money on the ground so I have that to look forward to.

JM: If someone snatched your iTunes most played list what would the top 3 be?

MA: I can actually check that because I’m on the computer working hard. It’s always a tough one because you’re always refreshing with new computers:

  1. John Hopkins – Abandon Window (It’s a beautiful song in amongst the rest of the hectic album so I put it on repeat and would fall asleep to it)
  2. Past Lives – Real Estate
  3. Borrowed Time – Parquet Courts

Because I got this computer a year ago it’s all recent bands; but usually it would be like Panic! at the Disco and Eminem […] You know, classics.

JM: Any Given Weekend was released about 10 months ago, are we going to be seeing any new things from you guys in 2015?

MA: Yeah we are definitely going to play a new groove, I won’t call it a new song, but something new for the tour! We are going to have a few new singles before the second half of the year so it is all going to happen pretty quickly I think. The last album took like 5 years though […]

JM: One of your singles Sick Boy made me instantly think of the character from Trainspotting and the party drug culture that made the film what it is. Do you think that scene has a big part in your music making?

MA: Yeah, it pretty much came from that! I was a pretty big fan of the film and I was at my parent’s house in the country, and I put it on and was inspired to put together a song inspired by his life in that 90’s UK party lifestyle.

We definitely like to go to festivals and go to parties and have a good time, I don’t think that stuff has influenced writing music or how things kind of sound. Honestly the thing for me is seeing other people have a good time, that makes me want to write a certain type of music.

You know going to Meredith or Golden Plains with these late night musicians and watching beautifully coloured people have a wild time. That’s the drive.

JM: What’s your dream venue?

MA: Well, Meredith. Although I probably think we are a bit too bogan for Meredith so maybe a realistic one […] To be honest Falls Festival in Lorne was a big one because I went there so often growing up and we ticked that off which was sick! And overseas maybe SXSW on the main stage, wouldn’t that be kind of cool?

I always watch the Pitchfork videos of the bands playing and even though the crowds are just standing there it kind of looks cool. Maybe Pitchfork’s stage at SXSW. Also, the whole festival because you’d probably do multiple shows. Yeah that’d be pretty cool.

JM: Who or what has Northeast Party House you got their eye on for 2015?

MA: We really want to go overseas so we are trying to make that a reality. It’s been a while and we feel that we should go when things are kind of swinging, so if we can get a couple of singles out and then we have a previous album to market too. […] We also just want to get out of Aus and see what we can do in another country.

So Europe and the States are what we are looking at and also new music just because we are kind of slow when it comes to writing so we want to make a quick transition when it comes from album to album. So fun things are up and coming!

JM: Your band really does seem to give it all you’ve got on stage and judging by the pictures on social media, the offstage antics don’t seem to be too calm either. What do you guys do to unwind?

MA: We are all pretty relaxed really. We just watch good television! Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm… We never really catch up as mates, it’s always really band related. We always see each other’s bands though. Each of us play in rock or soul bands so yeah I guess those bands are a way we can unwind […], because it’s not as full on and we can kind of get away with getting a bit loose.

JM: Last question North East Party House… What’s the best or worst party story you have?

MA: It was only two years ago. I was in a cab and I was pretty plastered. I had to get back to Hawthorne where I live and we were so bloody far away from Hawthorne on some main road. I started feeling a bit sick so I told the cabbie that this was fine, which it wasn’t. He was trying to tell me how far away from home I was but I had to get out.

So I jump out, chuck him a $20 and vomit everywhere. I then fall asleep on the sidewalk, waking up to people walking their dogs and shit. Then I had to call another cab to take me back. But hey! Sick party before then… You know what? That’s probably both stories in one.

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