Q&A with Brooklyn trio, Wet

If you haven’t yet heard of minimalist electronic trio, Wet, you have a lot of listening to do. The New Yorkers’ brand of unique synth-pop and clean, crisp vocals has swept us all by storm; racking up over 900,000 Soundcloud hits. From their killer debut EP to a tour with CHVRCHES and now London Grammar, it’s obvious that these guys are worth keeping an eye on, so decided to have a chat with them about their upcoming plans.

AL: Hi, Wet! We’re thrilled to have you and London Grammar touring this March. What are you expecting from the experience?

Wet: Mostly jetlag, sunburns, and Huntsman spiders 🙂 but also hoping to do some of the touristy Australian things. We got lucky because Paul Hogan is our tour manager while we’re there and he’s promised to show us the “real” Australia. He seems pretty cool for a guy his age. He signs all his emails “That’s not a knife, Paul” lol

AL: How did Wet originally come about?

Wet: We have known each other for years and have been casually playing music together since we all met. Wet essentially formed out of that and only really took form once we were all living in the same city again and started taking it more seriously.

AL: In three words, how would you describe your sound?

Wet: So so def.

AL: What or who are your key influences?

Wet: Mostly www.soundcloud.com/wet/likes but also: The 3rd & The Mortal, Actus, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, The Cure, Current 93, Darkwood, Death in June, Ernte, Fields of the Nephilim, Fire + Ice, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Katatonia, Laibach, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Mogwai, Orplid, Scivias, Sol Invictus, Spiritual Front, Swans, Ulver.

AL: How has it been entering into the NY music scene?

Wet: We had been living in NY for a few years and over that time had met a lot of the music people in New York – band people, venue people, booking people, etc. There’s no shortage of places to play and people in NY, so its not a problem booking shows and if your music is good people usually will find out about it ; 0

AL: How does it feel to know that so many people have responded so positively to your debut EP? Are you surprised by the success?

Wet: It’s flattering and very surprising. The amount of attention it’s gotten in Australia is particularly surprising and exciting given the way the radio programming works there. We’re definitely hoping to hear a song of ours on Triple J while we’re there.

AL: Where do you see Wet in a year’s time?

Wet: We’re really working on growing the brand over the course of this fiscal year. We will continue to capture authentic impressions from our clients across social media platforms and to integrate those impressions into our overall marketing strategy. Based on current analyses, you can almost certainly expect to see Wet expand into the world of podcasting and potentially other streaming-content markets. Depending on our success herein and further client-driven analysis, we may release a full-length album. We’re currently beta-testing new music in select A-list communities and will be evaluating the returned metrics in the next few weeks. With this diversified, data-driven approach coupled with strategically placed viral remixes, we think 2015 will be a year of high-impact synergy.

AL: And finally, if Wet was an ice cream flavour, what would it be?

Wet: It would almost certainly be a frozen Snickers bar, actually strawberry.


Try to catch Wet opening for London Grammar on the 7th March!

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