The Preatures @ The Hi-Fi, 28th November

Towards the end of the working week, Brisbane undertook some heavy damage including hail and flooding. Even though it was an inconvenience to many, it didn’t stop people from getting to the highly anticipated return tour of The Preatures; in support of their critically acclaimed debut album, Blue Planet Eyes.

As I enter the venue, it feels like a high school party and I am one of the cool kids invited to attend (and yes, Cool Kids by Echosmith is obviously playing in my head, don’t judge). The first support act is Brisbane band Babaganouj whose indie pop sound creates a fun set for all, a few punters are caught dancing down in the front, but the night is still young.

Holy Holy deliver an impressive set with their alternative sound, appearing to be an instant crowd pleaser. Holy Holy have their heads screwed on right, they’ve ticked all the boxes a support band should; bringing a fresh new sound to the evening and entertaining the crowd.

For those here who have seen The Preatures live, we know exactly what to expect; all eyes on Isabella Manfredi. Other than the fact that Isabella is drop dead gorgeous, she has an incredible stage presence, she demands attention. Opening with Blue Planet Eyes, it wasn’t long before the crowd are jumping and dancing, as Somebody Talking quickly follows. As each song rolls off the setlist, the crowd get more and more into it, and The Preatures keep pushing the limits in delivering the best they possibly can; guitar solos, Manfredi’s gymnastic dancing and pouring water seductively over her head.

Blue Planet Eyes is such a strong album, with every song adding a unique, fun and alternative sound, and it’s even better live, carried by the strong guitar riffs and Manfredi’s impressively addictive sound. Closing the set on their breakthrough hit Is This How You Feel?, there is no doubt about an encore, the applause is so loud and fierce. After coming on stage and performing Business, Yeah and (my personal favourite) Take A Card, The Preatures leave the stage, leaving everybody sad and helpless because we all still have our dancing shoes on. If The Preatures haven’t already carved their name into the Australian music scene as one of the bands to look out for, then tonight’s performance certainly did it for them.

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