Falls Festival 2014: Hints and Tips

For most people, summer is the time for getting a tan, Christmas, getting presents and or getting drunk. For others however, summer means only one thing – festival season! One of the most anticipated festivals of the year, which gave a new leg to its lineup in 2013, is Falls Music and Arts Festival; the incredibly chilled out New Year’s Eve spectacular. If you’re reading this hoping for some tips for Falls or which artists you should see, or even me attempting to make you chuckle, you have indeed come to the right place.


  • If you are going to shower then, for the love of god, do not lineup in the morning thinking nobody else is planning on doing the same thing. Shower at night time before you go to sleep, believe it or not, the lines are not long at all and this means you don’t have to get up super early and shower. Be honest with yourself, how dirty are you going to get in your sleep?
  • I guarantee the dorkier your festival dancing is, the more fun you will have. Festivals have always been a place where people can let their freak flag fly and not get judged for it. If your favourite song comes on and there are thousands of people behind you that you are scared will judge you, just go with it and enjoy the moment, you paid all that money to have a good time!
  • Buy food inside the festival grounds. The gourmet food offered at festivals lately have been impressive, and I believe there is no need to pack an Esky full of food you may not actually get to throughout your stay. Of course, if you are trying to be cost efficient then by all means bring your Esky full of snacks, but the burgers are better at Falls Festival.
  • If there is someone in your group annoying the absolute crap out of you, simply walk away and make your own friends. There are thousands of friendships created through the love of good, solid music at festivals and you won’t find them being held back by that annoying person.
  • On that note, don’t be the one that won’t be invited next year. Understand that your friends might want to see a different band to the one you want to see, or they might not want to accompany you to the bathroom or the bar. Just relax and don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing, enjoy yourself.



Even though their sophomore album was a bitter disappointment, there is no doubt that Alt-J will put on a memorable headlining show, filled with their most loved tracks from their near-perfect debut album An Awesome Wave.

Song to listen to: Taro
Predicted set highlight: Breezeblocks


After making his first festival appearance not long ago at Splendour in the Grass, this undeniably talented artist from Iceland will pull at your heart strings with his soft and tender voice.

Song to listen to: In Harmony
Predicted set highlight: King and Cross


Given that this will most likely be one of Bluejuice’s last performances forever, they will do what they do best and give you a highly enjoyable, crazy, nudity-filled show. Be sure not to miss one of Australia’s most beloved duos and wish them well on their future endeavours.

Song to listen to: On Your Own
Predicted set highlight: Act Yr Age

Cold War Kids

Bringing their eclectic rock sound to our shores, this set will most likely be a highlight of the festival, I mean who doesn’t love Hospital Beds?

Song to listen to: Hospital Beds
Predicted set highlight: Hang Me Up To Dry

Empire Of The Sun

If you have yet to catch an Empire Of The Sun show do yourself a huge favour and pencil them in, because this is something you don’t want to miss again. A live set is one thing, an Empire Of The Sun live set is another, do not miss them!

Song to listen to: We Are The People
Predicted set highlight: Alive/Walking on a Dream


Kingswood have appeared at every major Australian festival in 2013, so it makes sense for them to be added to Falls Festival. Their ARIA nominated debut album Microscopic Wars brought a fresh new sound to Australian rock music, and their live performances are anything but boring.

Song to listen to: ICFTYDLM
Predicted set highlight: Ohio

Milky Chance

Making their debut appearance in Australia for Falls Festival, this German duo are responsible for one of the year’s biggest hits, Stolen Dance. Expected to draw one of the biggest crowds, get your dancing shoes on!

Song to listen to: Flashed Junk Mind
Predicted set highlight: Stolen Dance

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