Torfason’s new single – Feel Like Letting Go


Who opened the funk truck? I’ll tell you who opened the funk truck, new Brisbane band Torfason. Sam Gethin-Jones, former member of Last Dinosaurs has teamed up with fellow electropop-lord Rob Bullock to create a delicious new single called Feel Like Letting Go.

The vocals are seductively smooth with a nice chunk of R&B. The weighty electric components behind blend seamlessly to a nifty 80s backbeat, leading to some serious toe-tapping action.  As the song progresses, a swathe of disco guitar leads are introduced alongside some unpredictable hooks. It’s so infectiously funktastic that you’ll be in your full disco get up, ripping’ it up on the D-floor in no time.

It looks like they’ve got an EP in the works too, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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