The Smith Street Band @ The Hi-Fi, 21st November

Starting the docket are the local ruckus that is Kiri, with music that is best described as contained chaos, Kiri deliver proof that there is still fantastic music coming out of Brisbane. With creativity matched only be their passion and energy, Kiri make every effort to rustle the crowd with their flavor of experimental hardcore. It seems almost like a constant battle, though, as the band struggle to raise any attention from a catatonic crowd, while also dealing with some pretty mediocre mixing. It’s frustrating as hell to experience because, these guys are so tight and so enthusiastic about their music, music that is incredibly promising.

British four-piece Apologies, I Have None seem to experience similar struggles with a crowd completely devoid of enthusiasm. The problem this time however is the band are just really boring; their pop punk sound is about as original as my ship’s wheel and anchor tattoos and their stage presence seriously dampens the gig’s overall mood. Apologies are just underwhelming as they strum along to their disgruntled, sad punk.

New Jersey’s Front Bottoms bring the excitement and revitalisation this show needs! It’s hard to resist my toe tapping and head bopping, as the crowd is absorbed by their poppy, acoustic punk sound. It’s light hearted, care-free and the band certainly don’t take themselves seriously as they deliver some humble up beat tunes to stir a crowd out of it’s funk.

Playing a set perfectly tailored to fans, new and old, The Smith Street Band bring a raw and enthusiastic intensity to their set. The twelve hundred or so people in attendance are all drenched in sweat as the Melbourne rockers howl and howl relentlessly, the crowd responds in kind. It’s a specific kind of passion you rarely experience and as the band begins to strum Surrender all hell breaks loose. Their passion ignites the audience, resulting in: crowd-wide harmonies, lots of push and shoving (lovingly of course), spilt drinks and total sensory indulgence. There is precision, previously not witnessed from the band, as they clearly stand on stage having the time of their lives. There is something incredibly special about seeing a band so profoundly enjoying themselves, and for their hour long set all of us in the crowd are lost in that bliss. This set will not be easily forgotten.

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