Interview with The Jensens

At a crowded table in Winn Lane (or what I like to refer to as Hipster Haven), I chatted to the dudes from The Jensens about some new music, BIGSOUND and their fascination with goon.

Bridie: First off the bat, how would you describe your music?

The Jensens: I would describe it as a bunch of succinct rock and roll songs about heartbreak, lots of heartbreak.

Bridie: What has been your favourite venue to play at so far?

The Jensens: To be honest, I like playing at The Brightside, the sound is huge; it’s got a really good vibe. Black Bear is also good, it has so much atmosphere.

Bridie: You’re set to play at the Jungle Love festival November which sounds pretty sick, what have you guys got planned?

The Jensens: We’re so keen for that, I’m going to take a dip in the lake and do some camping, play a set and watch some sweet bands. It’s going to be very cas [sic] [recte casual].

Bridie: What is you opinion on the Brisbane Music scene?

The Jensens: It’s pretty darn good, there’s a lot of good bands making some good pop music.

Bridie: Recently you guys have had a  break for a couple of months, what were you doing in that time?

The Jensens: Yeah, our bass player went to Europe with his girlfriend, so it gave a chance to get some writing done.

Bridie: In you bio you mention goon a fair bit, does goon have an integral part in the band?

The Jensens: It definitely does, it’s the heart and soul of The Jensens. We’re actually going home after this to drink some more goon. We’ve had many a good times on the old goon.

Bridie: Would you go so far as to say that it has influenced your music?

The Jensens: Ah, yep. I would definitely say that.

Bridie: Your music is quite poppy and energetic, do you get a bit pissed off if people don’t dance?

The Jensens: I guess so, that’s what I would be doing if I was watching us.

Bridie: What can we expect, musically, down the pipeline?

The Jensens: We’re releasing a new single in a couple of weeks called Fears, and also we’ve got heaps of gigs lined up. Next Friday we’re playing at Black Bear with Tundra. We’ll be also playing there again the following Friday with The Belligerents for their single launch.

Bridie: Who are you most excited to see at BIGSOUND?

The Jensens: Were going to go out tonight and watch Moses Gun Collective or The Creases and then tomorrow night to see the DMAS, Spooky Land also seem cool.

Bridie: Well good luck with you shows at Black Bear, we’ll catch you around.

The Jensens: Thank you!

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