The Kite String Tangle – Vessels EP Listening Party @ Black Bear Lodge, 6th August

The Kite String Tangle is one of the many fantastic producers that Brisbane has to offer and when an exclusive event such as a listening party for his new EP Vessels is announced, of course people all over Brisbane would be getting excited. A Wednesday night was probably an odd night to choose for a party, however with the relaxed vibes that were floating throughout Black Bear Lodge, it kind of made sense. The Kite String Tangle has been known to produce wonderfully emotive and relaxing music and so the small venue proved to be ideal for patrons to relax and listen to his latest offering.

YesYou open the night with a very sweet DJ set. Throwing in some experimentally minimalist artists such as Jamie XX into their mix, YesYou have started the night off brilliantly and provided the perfect welcome music for the audience as they begin to pour through the doors.

The Jungle Giants are up next with drummer Keelan Bijker and guitarist Andrew Dooris curating this DJ set. The boys have got some very nostalgic tracks playing, The Beastie Boys were a great addition, and as the crowd begins to fill the venue and bustle about the bar, Dooris and Bijker actually have the perfect soundtrack for the new energy  filling the venue.

By now Black Bear Lodge is roughly three-quarters full, which is fitting as The Kite String Tangle aka Danny Harley, the man of the hour, suddenly stands up onto the stage to announce Vessels and press play. Some patrons get comfortable on the floor whilst others stand and listen to the EP drinks in hand. It’s a very interesting experience, seeing people in a live music venue just listening to the music rather than dancing crazily and practically bouncing off the walls. While the EP plays, Harley himself stands beside the stage, eyeing the crowd as they listen.

The six tracks on Vessels are wonderfully pleasant with their intricate melodies and beautiful vocals. It’s everything we expected it to be and more, so of course once it ends, people flood the small merch desk to get their hands on the Vessels EP. The night closes off with Harley playing his own DJ set before Young Franco takes the reigns with some more energetic tracks and people swarm The Kite String Tangle for autographs and pictures.

The man is a legend in Brisbane and he’s one of our best exports, so naturally everyone wants to congratulate him on his efforts and wish him well on his upcoming tour, including me.


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