A CELEBRATION @ The New Globe Theatre, 24th August

In the darkly lit New Globe Theatre, I sit and wait in anticipation for the support acts of Amela Duheric’s Not Enough Honey EP launch. While I gaze off into the glowing psychedelic lights on stage, I notice a very small water droplet on my arm, and then another… and another…and soon enough I realise that I have strategically placed myself under a leaky roof.

I try to ignore the miniature waterfall from above and focus on my surroundings. The floor of the Globe is lined with brightly coloured rugs which give off a relaxed, bohemian feel. As the audience mingle over drinks and home baked sweets, Angharad Drake sets up on stage. A silence flows through the small crowd as she preforms her first song, her delicate vocals have a soothingly textured American twang to them. There are small hits of country throughout the set, however a strong essence of folk shines through. Accompanied by a double bass and a drum kit, Angharad delivers a stunning performance – Rebecca and The Gun are gems. Her music is often slow and forlorn, but I like it, her ability to create emotion in such a minimal setting is incredible.

As the rain outside dies down, so too does the leaking roof,  just in time for Gabriella Cohen (Furrs), joined by a Spanish guitar and her two ‘darlings’ (Amela Duheric and Kate Dillon). In comparison to Angharad’s set, Cohen offers a darker gypsy/folkish sound. Her raspy vocals ooze out in a sultry, bluesy fashion similar to Janis Joplin and Bessie Smith. She sits on a stool and plucks her guitar while Duheric and Dillon coo earthy harmonies that complement Cohen’s voice perfectly. Her stage presence is mature and commanding, drawing the audience in closer with every song.

After a short wait,  Duheric reenters the stage and welcomes a flood of musicians armed instruments ranging from the double bass to a mandolin. Her first song breathes light into the room as she energetically strums her guitar, regularly turing around to interact with the band. Her broad smile creates an infectious joy as she casually chats to the audience. Her vocals are powerful yet refined, backed up by the natural timbre of the instruments behind her. She performs Come Home, the song she describes as the reason for her being here tonight, and Arizona with such  raw simplicity it gives me goosebumps. Her presence is intimate and incredibly carefree.

It’s so refreshing to witness such a large group of talented, enthusiastic people. From the art work in the foyer to Duheric herself, it’s all a showcase of passion and community. I leave the Globe with a smile on my face that not even a leaky roof could dampen.

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