10 Tips to surviving Splendour

It’s only 10 9 days ’til Splendour officially kicks off; a weekend of killer music, good vibes and an awesome variety of people. Although if you’re like us you haven’t given any thought to your schedule or what you’re going to pack.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things you need to know to survive Splendour!

1. Technology is out, good times are in

Make like Woodstock and let the good times roll and do it without a phone screen in your face. Enjoy that sweet, sweet lineup in all its intended live glory. In saying that, Splendour organisers have this year teamed up with Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone to boost mobile service across the North Byron grounds, so if you absolutely have to make that urgent Instagram post to have all your friends back home jealous, you (probably) can.

2. Rug up

What’s cooler than being cool? Being warm! Layers are key at this years festival, that way you can strip off when the mosh pit heats up, and rug up when making that early morning trudge back to your teepee. The beauty of Splendour is that it’s the one festival where fake tans and no shirts are taboo, where anything goes in terms of pattern clashing, hairdos, and that ugly woolly jumper you secretly love. It can often be a muddy adventure by the end of the first day, so be sure to pack your gumboots too.

3. Roll with it

You’re in a big group, you’re all merrier than your Great Uncle Bob at Christmas, and there are 30,000 other revellers grooving around you. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common to lose track of people, so either tie a giant rope to one another so you don’t get lost (we don’t really recommend this) or roll with it. The latter of the two options will undoubtedly work better for you, and who knows, you may catch up later. Splendour churns out some seriously killer stories, none of which are planned, so all aboard the good vibes express and keep that stress at bay.

4. Keep your wits about you

In saying all that above, safety is still incredibly important when attending an event like this. Ensure you’re always in the company of someone you trust, keep one hand over the top of your drink (handy for stability purposes too) and familiarise yourself with the locations of first aid tents.

5. So who do you see?

Ah, the quintessential festival question. There really is too much to choose from (and such a variety) but here are our picks of the litter. Conveniently, there are no massive clashes in our timetabling!


  • Airling
  • Charles Murdoch
  • Young Franco
  • Kite String Tangle
  • Ball Park Music
  • Ásgeir
  • Kelis
  • Childish Gambino
  • Outkast

Friday sees a couple of Brisbane locals hit the stage, starting with Unearthed winner Airling and electronic coolster Charles Murdoch. Dance into the evening with Ball Park Music, then shake your milkmaker out Kelis for a little nostalgia. Finally, finish off your night with US powerhouses Childish Gambino and Outkast.


  • Tora
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Dustin Tebbutt
  • Violent Soho
  • Touch Sensitive
  • The Jezabels
  • City and Colour
  • Vance Joy
  • Two Door Cinema Club

If you’re up and recovered by noon, you can catch Byron Bay’s Tora opening the Amphitheatre with their laid back beats, then Sticky Fingers at 2. Get your daily dose of dance music with Touch Sensitive, then finish your night by making the mad dash between City and Colour, Vance Joy, and headliners Two Door Cinema Club.


  • The Creases
  • Kingswood
  • Grouplove
  • First Aid Kit
  • Nina Las Vegas
  • Foster the People
  • Ben Howard

Ohhh Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. By now you are well and truly settled in to the camping lifestyle, and are up bright and early for what we hope are pre-drinks and pancakes, though realistically just pre-drinks. Start your day right with The Creases (who we managed to chat with this week), cruise into the arvo with Kingswood, and welcome the evening with Grouplove. Party through the night with JJJ babe Nina Las Vegas and Foster the People and wind down with the sweet sounds of Ben Howard.

 6. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Channel your inner Aretha Franklin and be respectful of your fellow punters. Whether it be avoiding trampling across others’ tents, setting a modestly quiet alarm to wake you up in the morning or curbing your desire to curse those still awake at 2am – spare a thought for those around you.

7. Learn who your real friends are

This isn’t intended to be taken in a literal sense, your real friends are those ninja-enough to have manoeuvred their way through that horrendous thing Moshtix call a greenroom and are currently in a pre-Splendour excitement phase with you. No, we mean those little essentials that will make life at a festival ten times easier.

  • Numéro uno: earplugs. Those little foamy bean-shaped pieces of wonder will make getting to sleep at night a somewhat effortless experience. Neighbours determined to pull a rather noisy all-nighter? No problem.
  • Numéro dos: long socks. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night because your sleeping bag has abandoned your feet in the cold night air. In addition to that, they’ll make wearing gumboots all day a less-blistery, more pleasant experience.
  • Numéro tres: a bumbag. Add one of these bad boys to your luggage and you’re not only set to pick up a hot date or two, but you’ll be completely handsfree when it comes time to dance to Kelis’s Milkshake. Need we say more.

8. Food

Self-explanatory title for an important list-item. Don’t find yourself without something to eat by Saturday morning, pack smart and pack lots. We’re talking Mi Goreng, Country Cheese crackers, tuna, and the ever-faithful baked beans. Also, don’t be a goober and miss out on a Dagwood Dog, they’ve been a regular highlight at every Splendour we’ve been to and should hopefully make a glamorous appearance this year too.

9. Don’t forget

Avoid last minute panic and have this all prepared ahead of time: tickets, camping passes, car passes, cash, torch with batteries, toiletries (TOOTHBRUSH), photo ID, sealed water bottles, and a light rain jacket. All this in sealed plastic bags has proven to be effective in the past, particularly when things get rained out.

10. Wear your worst clothes and your best attitude

Avoid your Sunday-best and wear something practical but more importantly bring along your best attitude. Half the fun of Splendour is frolicking around with friends and no one likes a party pooper. Yeah, things probably won’t go as planned, your hair might pull a 90s Nicole Kidman on you and turn into a frizzy wonderland and lines for drink tickets will probably be huge, but that’s no reason to kick up a stink and get all up in your fellow punters’ grill. Be safe, be positive and go with the flow. Splendour is bound to be a highlight of your year, so enjoy every minute.


What? Splendour in the Grass 2014

Where? North Byron Parklands, north of Byron Bay

When? Friday 25th July, Saturday 26th July, Sunday 27th July

Catch you there!

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