Dune Rats Funny Guy Tour @ The Zoo, 28th June

If there was a parallel universe where bongs and joints ruled the world, getting half cut to smoking humans; then they would head straight to a freshly ground bowl of Dunies as their number one on a Saturday night. That is probably the best explanation of what I experienced on the sold out Brisbane leg of the Dune Rats Funny Guy Tour; a little rough and dirty, a lot of fun and everybody is your best mate. Also, strung up on the wall behind them was a hand painted calico banner; complete with rudimentary pot leaves and that word that you absolutely can never say in front of your mother. Well, would you look at that; punk isn’t dead!

“Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana… Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana… Marijuana, Marijuana, Marijuana” laugh all you want at the only lyrics littered through their opening piece but that shit had the audience going crazier than some of the fiercest, heaviest, darkest metal crowds I have seen. Lead vocalist Danny and bassist Brett moved around the stage messing with each other in a similar fashion to those old school grainy videos of 90’s punk bands screwing around onstage before they blew up and hit the big time. It was pretty nice to see the band seemingly enjoy themselves as much as the audience and that was evident in the damp, furious, rolling mass of bodies that flipped and flopped in front of the stage.

I was pretty amped to get out of the house and see the boys rock’n’roll again after the debut of their new album, so amped in fact that I used the inside of my stomach as a container to hold a whole lot of alcohol. This being the case, my memory plays back to me like a greasy, second hand, VHS copy of a movie you remember loving to pieces as a kid. There was lots of sweat and people thrashed like fish out of water. I joined one of my accompanying mates on top of the crowd before being ripped back down to reality by a security guard. Red Light Green Light made people dance involuntarily, like they got injected with a lethal dose of whatever’s kicking on the Gold Coast, and I got kicked out in the finale Funny Guy. Woven somewhere between those highlights Danny spoke about the band’s dislike for walking off stage just to come back on and play the song everyone has been waiting for (what a legend) and a girl emptied the contents of her bra unto the united eyesight of the venue (another legend); also I’m pretty sure somebody told me that the proud mother of one of the band members went for a dive off stage and rode the crowd for a while.

The last leg of the Dune Rats’ Funny Guy Tour landed the boys back in Brisbane, and it was a party. To be honest I’ll be surprised if half the people that turned up made it back home, let alone remember what happened. Dune Rats bring a lot with them to their gigs, they’ve hit the jackpot with their signature sound and energy. What keeps me listening to these homegrown man-children though is that I don’t think they ever set out to build a fan base, they just wanted to have some fun. If you didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t go to support these legends on their most recent tour and haven’t seen them live in action previously, then please go back to your calculus textbook and leave the good times to those of us who enjoy them.


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  1. Dylan

    BCs mum crowd surfed it was almost as good as the doob that got lit on stage of the chick that got her tits out

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