Those four hunks you may have seen out in Fortitude Valley on any given Saturday night, known collectively as The Creases, answered a few questions for us to give us a little insight into who’s behind the indie pop tunes that are stuck in all of our heads. They spoke of the Brisbane music scene, girlfriends and their UK tour. They’re playing at The Black Bear Lodge on the 20th of June just before the release of their EP next month.

Q: What do you like about the Brisbane music scene?
A: I think everyone in Brisbane’s attitude towards making music is definitely different to most places in Australia. Everyone in the music community is pretty close knit and collaborative and it’s common for people to be in multiple bands, it’s a really motivating place to be.

Q: Being such a small and intimate city, I’ve noticed you and multiple local artists showing support at each other’s gigs. Who is an upcoming Brisbane act that should be watched?
A: Tempura Nights and Love Signs are both new bands doing great things. Also Roku Music and Salvadarlings have just released some fantastic records.

Q: What animal would best represent The Creases?
A: Probably Fluffy, the three headed dog from Harry Potter if it had another head.

Q: Many Brisbane girls have got major crushes on you guys (I should know). Who’s the ladies man out of the bunch?
A: Hahaha, I dunno. We all have girlfriends so there isn’t much ladies-manning going down.

Q: Describe your UK tour for us in one sentence please.
A: There was lots of wrestling and Gabe had to go to hospital for partying too hard but he’s ok now.

Q: Did you pick up much British slang while you were over there?
A: Not really besides maybe “innit”. I don’t think we must have very strong accents because most people over there didn’t realise we were Australian until we mentioned it so we started most shows by saying “gday gday gday” to everyone.

Q: It’s an awesome sign that you guys ran out of merch during a Melbourne gig but can you ensure I will be able to get my hands on a shirt with an iron on it this time round?
A: Haha, we’re all out of those shirts I’m sorry! We’ll be printing some new shirts soon though.

Q: A lot has happened in the past year for the band, what has had the biggest impact on your lives?
A: Definitely releasing ‘I Won’t Wait’ through Rough Trade Records. Along with it being an incrediblw honour to have released something through them, it gave us a reason to consider music as an actual career and really take it seriously.

Q: I’ve noticed you all have fabulous hair. Who’s your inspiration?
A: Why thankyou for noticing, we were all very inspired by Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Q: You were one of my favourite acts at Laneway this year, who was one of yours?
A: Thank you! Kirin J Callinan played a pretty amazing set.

Q: When you’re not making or playing music, what can you be found doing together?
A: We’ve been on tour together nearly every month of this year so far so when we are home we usually have a break away from each other to be honest haha. But we do go out and see bands most weekends or hang around Brisbane. Because of the upcoming releases mostly every day at the moment is spent writing or working on band artwork or something like that though.

The Creases will be around town for a little while longer, just long enough to be caught playing at The Black Bear Lodge on the 20th of June (hopefully) playing some tunes of their next EP. Go watch them, they’re excellent.

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