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Q&A with Little Earthquake

Little Earthquake are an amalgam of brotherhood and indie pop seasoned with electronic and acoustic instruments. Recently their debut single “Planets” has received much praise over Soundcloud not only for their quirky melodies but for their attempts at putting the mercurial aspects of the universe and the subsequent oddities of life into something somewhat tangible. This revivification of universal ideologies into a modern soundscape sparked our curiosity here at Society of Sound so we decided to ask these brothers Mathew and Justin Hyland a few questions.   

Hey Boys, before we get into the meat of this single is there anything you would like to say about Little Earthquake? Where did the name originate for instance? 

Hey there! It was actually a Facebook status someone posted asking if anyone else had felt the little earthquake, and they wrote simply- “little earthquake?” As soon as I saw it, I loved it as a band name.

You both try to encompass some rather transient ideas into this single “Planets”, referencing the Lyrics “Existence is in your mind, I’m not to sure anymore” as well as “Take a look around and wonder how it comes to life”. 
Firstly, where did these ideas personally stem from? Did they arrive via episodes of epiphanies or just through continued everyday pondering?
Did it take a while to flesh out these ideas to transmit thought to page or was it almost as though you channeled these into existence?

There is a few things that led to these lyrics, it definitely has a lot to do with personal experiences of our own and coming into an understanding of how the universe is connected to our minds in more ways than most people would think, hence the lyrics “existence is in your mind” it’s all based strongly on law of attraction. We read a lot of books! Hahah

Were these universal concepts always going to be the basis for your songwriting?

I think that maybe yes, they were always going to be, even if we didn’t realise it at first. The name came to us long before we had our “awakening” and it’s only now thy we realise how important that name is in regards to what our songs and message are about.

How did your stints throughout the U.S touring with indie rockers Lydia and working with your subsequent producer Lachlan Mitchell help developLittle Earthquake and the all important songs to what they now are?

To be honest, the American tour we did had a large impact on us in more than one way. Spending three months on the road through the states and Canada, you couldn’t ask for a better way to first see those places. Playing music every day, a different city every day, for months on end, it gave us a sense of freedom that we always wanted music to give us and it motivated us to want that to be out lives more than ever before.

Secondly, seeing first hand the amount of work and professionalism that went into that tour really hit us and made us realise what we had to do if we really wanted this.
As for Lachlan Mitchell, he is an amazing and talented producer and we wish we could keep him all to ourselves hahaha but honestly, that guy is apart of these songs, he knows what they mean to us and by being involved he made them mean the same thing to him and we are grateful for his involvement.

In your forthcoming EP, will the remaining songs follow along a similar form of notions, perceptions and approaches to life that were encompassed in “Planets”?

There’s a lot of everything on the EP, from universal truths and concepts, to starting revolutions, young love, art, lucid dreaming. It really touches on a lot of topics and personal life experiences that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Lets end this with something a little more lighthearted shall we – Would you consider yourselves to be modern day hippies? Also, as you are siblings are there ever any arguments or what some would say… Tremors in your relationship from working together?… Earthquake Pun. 

Hahah I guess in a way we are modern day hippies, we definitely have a connection to the earth and life on earth but we also have a strong connection the the universe, I’m not sure exactly what being a hippie entails but it sounds about right haha

And we don’t argue a whole lot but when we do it’s mostly comical for anyone around us when we so argue. Without us realising it, we can be very entertaining when we argue? Haha

Thank you for taking the time in answering my questions, always nice to see people with interest in the majesty and awe of the universe, good luck in your future endeavors. 

Thank you for the asking these questions, I had a good time answering them!

Little Earthquake are playing Rics Bar on the 28th of February, 2014.

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