Bluejuice Press Shot

Bluejuice @ The Hi-Fi, 16th November 2013

There was a great vibe from the moment the doors opened at The Hi Fi on Saturday night, with the venue playing the perfect tunes to get people into the moment. There was a rather large gap from when the doors opened to the first support band, Rolls Bayce, coming on stage, but the crowd spent their time happily drinking and dancing to the house music. Rolls Bayce played a fantastic set, capturing the audience from the very first note causing everyone to turn around and not look away. They kept a great indie/rock vibe throughout their set, getting the crowd tapping their feet and dancing. The second support band for the night, Sures, definitely brought it with a powerful, energy filled set full of fun songs to dance to adding a summer-days kind of feel. Their cover of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of my Head’ was definitely the highlight of their set finally getting everybody dancing on the barrier.

It wasn’t long after Sures’ set that Bluejuice was ready to come on. The house lights went down, and M83’s mega hit ‘Midnight City’ was blaring throughout The Hi-Fi, getting everybody energized for what we could all assume, would be a night we would remember for a long time. Bluejuice’s entrance was met with very warm, welcoming cheers, with the entire stage dressed in glowing fluro: the instruments, band members – and of course, Stav and Jake. They ripped right into ‘Can’t Keep Up’, followed by Recession and of course, ‘Vitriol’ – which caused everybody to go into a riot-like crowd, chanting the lyrics back at Jake and Stav. By their fourth song ‘I Ain’t Telling The Truth No More’, Bluejuice had the entire crowd in the palm of their hands, relaying every memorable lyric back to Stav and Jake, making them smile every time as they screamed the lyrics back at the audience.

When the band began to play ‘Shock’, that’s when things got into the typical Bluejuice manner, with Jake balancing his body on top of the crowd, standing on people’s shoulders and attempting to crowd surf back onto the stage. ‘On My Own’ was certainly the highlight for the crowd, as people began clapping to the tune and singing the lyrics ‘even though I know that it’s over, even though I know that it’s done’ over and over again to Bluejuice. The song everybody was waiting for came on, ‘S.O.S.’ – which the audience sang every word along with Bluejuice. People in the back were dancing in their own musical bubbles, and from what could be clearly seen, everybody was glad to hear their favourite tune by Bluejuice live on stage. After the pumped up crowd pleaser, Bluejuice played the song literally everybody in the audience was wanting to hear, but didn’t expect to hear; Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’, which Bluejuice sang for their Like A Version when visiting Australia last year. The song was certainly a crowd pleaser, with every living soul in the crowd singing along with the band, with people slow dancing in the back in a goofy, drunken way. After the song was gladly played, Jake went on to say the quote of the night; “That’s a good song to sing when you’re in a relationship, but when you’re not in one – it’s horrible!”.

The band went on to play hits like Kindaevil, Medication, Work, Facelift and Cheap Trix. The energy of the set was certainly at it’s peak after Cheap Trix, which was the perfect tone for Bluejuice to play their biggest hits, Act Yr Age and Broken Leg, sending the audience into an absolute frenzy, and even Jake – as he insisted in dropping his pants and performing the song standing on top of the drum kit in his underwear. The set was no doubt enjoyable, watching Stav and Jake making complete fools of themselves (especially Jake) but in a good way – what else is expected when you go and see a Bluejuice set!

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