Violent Soho

Violent Soho @ The Zoo, 27th October 2013

Arriving just on time, I scrambled up those notorious stairs at The Zoo as fast as I could and squeezed through other excited Soho-ers, hoping to get a good view of what was to unfold. Far away enough, so that I wouldn’t get knocked out by crowd surfers, but close enough so that if I moshed, the vibe around me would be mutual.

Looking around the crowd, I recognized a fair few faces from the Brisbane music industry; local musicians, promoters and agents. I knew right then and there that this was the place to be that night. Every individual that appreciates and supports the talent that has arisen from this beautiful river city knows of Violent Soho and their rise from Mansfield, Brisbane. Playing gigs for years, they’ve finally broken through with the impeccable album, “Hungry Ghost” and you cannot help but be proud, put your fist in the air and be all like “yeah, what, Brisbane represent!”

This was their second hometown show, as the Saturday night show sold out before any other across the country.

Opening with “Dope Calypso”, I lost my absolute biscuits. Violent Soho wishes for themself to be called “Stoner Pop”, but regardless of what you’d classify them as, all I know is that every song is perfect to thrash about to. I can confidently say that every single person was “moshing” in his or her own way – you couldn’t not. I was extremely impressed by the vibe that surrounded me.

It’s been a while since I attended a hardcore/heavy gig within an intimate setting; this one was on a strangely different dynamic to the others for me. During every song there was somebody crowd surfing, quite successfully I might add. Audience members were jumping up on the stage in between the band members and then jumping off into the mosh. Punters were even jumping off of the side amplifiers and speakers. I saw a gentleman cling for his dear life on a side pole, security guard standing next to him un-phased, then dive out with arms wide open only to float for a few seconds with a look of complete euphoria on his face, then sink into the crowd.

Nearing the middle of the set, the lead guitarist, James Tidswell made a quick plug – stating :
“You can buy our record up the back left hand corner, we accept money or drugs.”

Ok Cathedral” and “Muscle Junkie” were the surprises of the night and marvelous they were. Violent Soho’s new album and past songs have been ever so consistent in that each song is dense in riffs that stay ringing in your ears for days.

My personal favourites were predictably my winners of the night: “Jesus Stole My Girlfriend”, “Neighbour Neighbour” and “Covered in Chrome”, all were performed nearing the end of the night, making it all the better.  I feel as though Luke Boerdam’s voice is definitely unique and fundamental to Violent Soho’s overall sound.

Although Violent Soho could never disappoint me; I can say that for review purposes they weren’t unflawed in their performance. However, I believe that all of the imperfections I picked up on worked in favour with their unpretentious garage vibe. Being their second hometown show as well, I can assume that they wouldn’t really give two hoots about how “tight” their set was, especially for their true fans here in Brisbane who also would be completely unconcerned. All we really want to do is party, let’s be honest.

I was thrilled to have finally seen those rad dudes rock out. The atmosphere, in comparison to any other gig I’ve seen at the Zoo, was just amplified and for lack of a better word – was so beautifully “VIOLENT”.

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